Natural broom made of natural materials such as fibers and grass. Fibers and grass used are high quality selection fibers and grass.Materials fibers and grass are washable, long lasting and are not easily contaminated with chemicals. Broom head from strong plastic, fibers and grasses tied with a strong iron wire so it does not easily fall out. All broom product had been treated with anti-fungal, insecticide anti fleas and termites, and  fumigation to prevent mildew

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Arenga Pinnata Mini Broom Refill (Gunung Sewu Broom Refill)

Gunung Sewu Grass Broom

Gunung Sewu Grass Broom Refill

Palm Broom ( Arenga Pinnata Broom )

Palm Broom Refill ( Arenga Pinnata Broom Refill )

Mini Sorghum Broom