This water pusher is made of rubber material that is durable and strong with excellent quality like super eva and eva sponge. Clamping plate is very strong and sturdy with aerodynamis angle (tilt angle), which has been taken into account as close as possible with the theory of earth gravity, make it easier to push the water, fast and save energy (effective).

There are 2 options:
Gunung Sewu Pendorong Air : light steel handle with PVC Shrink Film wood motif coated, lighter and more economical.
Floor Wiper 60 & 80 CM : aluminium handle and plate in the form of models by 10-degree angle so that dry faster.

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Floor Wiper 60 cm

Floor Wiper 60 cm Refill

Floor Wiper 80 cm

Floor Wiper 80 cm Refill

Gunung Sewu Floor Squeegee

Gunung Sewu Floor Squeegee Refill